how to sell a car online

Selling online is one of the best ways to go about selling today, But all this depends on what exactly you are trying to sell and what your funnel looks like, which is going to determine if you will be able to sell such a product or not.

In correspondence to the above, I am going to choose a specific product niche and explain how exactly you can sell this product successfully online, with the implementation of my own strategy and funnel I personally came up with.

Although this kind of product I am about to show you how to sell has its limitations when it comes to selling it outside a country or national boundary and not very flexible, when it comes to delivery, nevertheless, it will help people in this specific niche to sell without friction

This product I am going to teach you how to sell is a Car yes the automobile niche, so how can you sell a car online, to sell cars online you need to display your product on a website or social media page preferably Facebook due to its flexibility. Before I proceed with my strategy you should know to sell anything physically or online you have to possess substantial knowledge about it or look for anyone that does.

Furthermore, you will have to know who your potential customers are if you have probably sold any car in the past you will have an idea, of their age range, what their brand preferences are or even where they work or what their professions are, speculating this in detail, will help you create a full buyer persona.

Having your buyer persona in place is going to give you an insight into, why people buy the cars they do, either because of the shape, durability or class among many other reasons.

Here is what you do with this information you have compiled

  1. Create content (write-up) relating to the reasons they buy with connections to the details you compiled in their buyer persona. For instance, you might create a content titled ”The car in 2019 that is going to change how people look at you” In this type of content talk about top brand cars with a tone of high class and connect your buyer persona in the process so the reader thinks you are speaking to them directly or “Cars in 2020 that is going to keep you away from the auto-repair shop”  in here touch reason why cars don’t need repair in most time, to show your extensive knowledge about cars this will build a kind of trust with the reader when it comes to cars.
  2. After you must have gotten this content or any other you know car lover will be curious about, the next thing you need to do is to run an advert to a landing page(learn how to create a landing here) using the carefully written content as a lead magnet. On the landing page, you should only collect their email address to increase conversion.
  3. Send the content as promised on the landing page to their email automatically and with subsequent email about more helpful content, your business, and lastly your product, doing this will require you having email marketing skills or experience and you can as well hire an expert. However, These subsequent emails are the ones that are going to prompt your buyers to buy!

Note: that you should wait for at least five helpful emails, before introducing your business and your product to the customer.

Among this five helpful e-mail, you can input your contact or phone number and prompt them to ask question or get your advice for free, cars are expensive asset buyers of such product will want to act with caution when buying such asset, from this contact which is certain some will if all steps are taken accordingly and rightfully, then after you can start to introduce and prescribe your product in the process of giving them advice.

And lastly do not stop sending your list, helpful content because that is the best way to actively engage them into buying your cars. Implement this strategy rightfully and see how much sales you will be making on a periodic basis.

The next thing you need to do after talking about your business and products is to offer free appointment consultation and test drives. And here you go you will start receiving tons of appointments and once your selling conditions are nice, with a good sales pitch you will be able to sell any car to them.  

Do You Want To Make This Strategy Work For You Or Any Other Business