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Connect and Interact With New Prospects On A Viral Scale

What We Offer

Reaching More People

With Our Social Media Advertising Services reach as more people as you need in a very short period.

Customers Profiling

With Our services let us help you distinguish between the right and wrong audence with our high profile customer avatar set up

Increasing Your Traffic

Boost your Store Traffic by 200% and increase chances to sell more with our services here at fantastic connect

Improve your ROI

Improve your ROI and acquire more customers with the help of multiple social media platforms

Growing and Developing your Brand

Grow and develop your brand identity and awareness in a short time with social media advertising with less budget

Viral Marketing

Go viral in no time and get people talking about you or your brand accross multiple social media platforms

Reach more and very specific audience your business needs

  • Need a well targeted audience to show your advert?  we got you covered.
  • Scale up your business in a short time with lesser funds.
  • Grow your social media fan pages and boom it with more followers that will want your products 

Social Media Advertising Service Plan

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1 Social Media Platform

50,000 Monthly
  • 2 Ad campaigns
  • 4 unique ads
  • monthly advertising targeting and copy tweaks

2 Social Media Platform

  • 3 Ad campaigns
  • 6 unique ads
  • 2 custom ad images
  • 6 monthly advertising targeting and copy tweaks
  • 1 social media re-marketing ad/campaign
Most Popular

4 Social Media Platform

110,000 Monthly
  • 4 Ad campaigns
  • 8 unique ads
  • 8 monthly advertising targeting and copy tweaks
  • 1 social media re-marketing ad/campaign
  • Demographic testing
  •  Keyword, Interest
    User Intent Targeting

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