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As the entire world is rapidly transitioning to a complete computer and automation age, so do the accounting system as you know it: which opens up …………an unmeasurable opportunity for accounting professionals who catch this trend while it’s still young

My name is Akeem Oketokun I am an entrepreneur, and one of the things I do is making millions of Naira helping small, medium, and large scale companies integrate and automate their accounting system.  

My journey into this field started when I started having difficulties tracking our cost and profit in my company, and Excel was not just enough to keep everything assembled and in order.

Hiring an accounting firm was no an for me because am really private with stuff like this plus I already had a full-time accountant.

So I seek a solution like a normal entrepreneur would when he faces a roadblock.

And there it was, a system looking me in the eye, an answer to all my headaches, not that alone but also a time saver.

I discovered an ERP  software 

An ERP is simply an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. This software makes it easy for any organization to keep full track of not only their accounts but also inventory and human resource management right from the raw material to the finished goods stage on a simple dashboard.  

Its, also, saves them time and a whole lot of cost associated with the manual accounting system.

It also reduces the possibility of accounting errors to almost Zero.

Since I discovered the E.R.P, I have trained over 1000 accountants and individuals just like you, integrated and deployed it for over a 100 (hundred) organization in both the private and public sectors under my company name Softlick Infotech. a few of the companies you may know, some of which are

Believe me when I say these firms will pay you a lot to get this done for them which is all I want to teach you in this 3-day workshop, where you will see how you can deploy and transition any organization manual accounting system to an automated system(ERP) and get well compensated for it. All for a price of a weekend at a bar

Why everyone who wants to be HIGHLY PAID in the Accounting sector need this skill

I am 100% sure you did not decide to be an accountant just to be average or below that, you  chose it to be better and to be on top

And we both know the accounting sector is filled with a whole lot of graduates which can be quite competitive and difficult at times to stand-out 

However, In other to stand out and crush this competition, you have to do, what others are not yet or willing to do, which in this case is learning how to automate any organization accounting system, this will save them a lot of stress and cost, in which a lot of these businesses will happily pay you just to get it done…….In the end, putting you above others in the industry

This is going to be as a result of you being a part of my upcoming workshop, where I am going to show you how you can harness these benefits………..

……………….for yourself and soar in your career just like the people who I have trained previously

Here is what few of them has to say about their experience

You too can be like them or even better, only when you be a part of this upcoming 3 days workshop where I will show you, how you can transition an organization manual accounting system to an automatic system , click the button below now to grab your early bird tickets now! at a discounted rate

Here are what you are about to benefit from this 3 days workshop when you register now and attend


You will learn how to migrate any organization manual accounting system to an automatic system

This will give you the expertise needed to be a consultant to organizations that wants to start using an automatic accounting system (ERP).

On that same day you will also discover how to do it yourself, this skill only will pay your ticket fee and leave you with more if you deploy it for at least one business.


You will learn how to perform accounting operations on Enterprise Resource Planning (E.R.P) Software,…this is going to be a full out practical session.

You will see how you can treat accounting operation like payment, sales, receipt, Purchases, Stock Journal, and so on

This skill will help you help your client manage their accounts better and help them save cost, reduce errors to almost zero which they will appreciate you for by paying you ₦35,000 or more.


You will learn how to Use an E.R.P to generate accounting reports in a quarter of the time it should originally take, which will help you help your clients make effective decisions on their businesses.

You will learn how you can generate a balance sheet, profit & loss report as well as stock reports and more.

This skill will enable you to ascertain financial positions and other balances using an automatic system any time you or your clients want it, 

It will also help you in assist organizations get their end of the year accounting and financial position which they will happily pay you ₦35,000 or more to get it done. 

In addition to all the above, you will also get a free software installation to help you practice your newly found skill, to ensure its perfection for free which originally cost around 100,000 just to get your hands on it.

And at the end of the third day, you will receive a certificate of participation for the training workshop, which will add up to your current qualifications and also serve you as a reference to the skill you just acquired when required by your employers and clients who needs your newly found skill.

A recap of what you are getting from this workshop

How to migrate a manual accounting system to an automated accounting system worth over ₦100,000

How to perform accounting operations on any E.R.P software regardless of where you are, cost over ₦50,000 to get it done for organizations

Automatic Report generating worth over ₦35,000

Plus a certificate of participation that is priceless

Last but not least free version accounting software worth over ₦100,000

Which is a total value of


Which You will be getting a total discounted price of

₦10,000 oNLY.

when you register now before the prices go up

Don’t allow any of these mistaken ideas to rob you of all these benefits

Perhaps you were thinking you need to be a computer genius before you can use this system effectively, am here to tell you that is a total lie, don’t allow your fear to rid you of all the benefits this workshop has to offer,

All you need to know is your way around computers, like shutting down or turning it on, believe me, the fact that you are reading this now on this page tells me you will be able to do what I am going to teach you in the workshop, because if Basirat who does not even know how to use all the Microsoft office suites well, can do it and use it to land herself a high paying job, so can you or even do far better.


Infact here are the only reasons why you should NOT register now and be a part of this workshop

  1. You don’t want any part of the benefit of learning this system has to offer.
  2. You want to pay more for it later when the ticket price is higher
  3. You hate to be a highly paid consultant this skill will make you
  4. You enjoy the level of competition you are facing and risk losing to it.

But if am wrong and you do WANT everything this workshop has to offer like 

  1. How it is going to separate you from the competition and give you more advantage
  2. The salary raises it will attract
  3. The high paid consultant it will make you
  4. How it can make you more effective at your job
  5.  How you can get an unfair advantage against your competition
  6. Becoming more valuable to your organization
  7. The certificate of participation for recognition by clients and employers
  8. Free Software that is almost.

 If you do, then act now to get a value worth of ₦200,000 at ₦10,000 only now before the timer below counts down and this offer is off the table



₦10,000 oNLY.

when you register now before the timer below counts down and this offer is off the table.